You can buy your SnowBaaR Snowscooter over our E-SHOP or over E-Mail

just fill in the following information and send it to info@snowbaar.com

1.Full name:
2.Street address with house number:
4.Postal code:
6.Email address:
7.Phone number:
9.Model line (Cl,PRO,RC,WC,ULT,GNG):
11.First ski service (Yes or No):
12.Safety leash (Yes or No): 

We will confirm your order by email, send our bank details for the payment and also the complete purchase price.

We dispatch from 2-3 days.
Time for delivery to EU: 7-10 days
Time for delivery to USA/Canada: 7-14 days

If you are unsure which model is ideal for you, please send us a short email. We will contact you as soon as possible and answer your questions.
Photos are illustrative. Design reserved by the manufacturer.