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You cannot replace this feeling with anything else in the world

What could be more beautiful than a morning ride on a snowscooter with your four-legged friend?

The best moments are usually purely ordinary moments. Just like this one was here. Taking a snowscoot for the morning hike to Praděd was the best thing!

On a snowscoot, just like on a bicycle, it is possible to perform a whole range of tricks.

The turquoise color in combination with the black snowscoot looks very good.

Cold morning, corduroy on the slopes and you go to enjoy the ride on the snowscoot. What could be more...?

Snowscoot, gang, fun. What more could you want than to be able to spend time on a snowscoot with people who feel the same way you do.

Carving on SnowBaaR snowscoot is very easy. A quick transition from edge to edge and subsequent laying in the arch will fill you with a feeling of well-being that you will fall in love with.

The highest mountain of Jeseníky Praděd is an ideal place for snowscooting. Whether you want to enjoy snowscooting in powder or on the slopes.

Do you ride a snowscooter and want to have a good dose of fun? So don´t wait for anything and write the date 10/2/2024 in your calendar. Meeting on the hill in the ski arena Karlov at approximately...

Don´t wait for the day when it´s too late to ride. Tune up your snowscoot and go now!

It is the beginning of December and the first snow fell unusually early for local conditions. For the few bikers with studded tires this is good news, but I dare say that for the remaining majority of...

One of our best snowscoots bears the name Gangster FR. As the name itself suggests, this is a snowscoot designed primarily for rough weather and freeriding. However, it does not compete with the pistes...

Sometimes snowscooting conditions can seem daunting, but the opposite is usually true. Even such frozen weather was able to bring a smile to our lips after the first meters of snowscooting.

There´s nothing better than going for a ride on a snowscooter. Add to that a great crew and it´s clear that you won´t be going to bed soon :)

One of our best models is the SnowBaaR Gangster FR snowscoot. It is intended both for riding on the slopes and, thanks to the excellent skis, which are equipped with nine rows of inserts, for deep powder.

I think most people will agree that there is nothing better than snowscooting in powder snow. With our skis for the Gangster FR models you can tackle even the deepest powder snow and the snowscoot...

SnowBaaR snowscoots can also be rented in Leogang, Austria, for a world event called White Style. World famous riders such as Sam Pilgrim, Sam Reynolds, Brendan Fairclough and others took part in this...

The Snowscoot SnowBaaR Classic Snaker is an ideal machine not only for beginner riders. The handling of this snowscoot is very simple, This snowscoot is designed for both downhill and freeride...

Our best snowscoots are now equipped with silentblocks, which are supplemented with shock absorbers. The main advantage is easier tilting into an arch. Of course, carving is also much easier with...

the new snowscoot Gangster!

The best view is over handlebars of your snowscoot

we´re ready to go

Night riding on snowscoot

The sun set and snowscoot

and party on snowscoot can start...

Praděd and snowscoot is ideal choice

snowscoot carving with every need

Multifunction snowscoot

snowscoot waiting for his rider

On the box

power under control

Time for thinking abou snowscoot riding

Camel snowscoot jump

Sunny day on snowscoot are awesome...

Night riding on snowscoot is awesome

and around only you, your snowscoot and world...

New colors for snowscoots SnowBaaR PRO

Hot rocket snowscoot for winter cooling

Winter snowscoot Stuhleck

Let snow wash snowscoot

Loda and his snowscoot manual on box

examination of new model of snwoscoot on france pages

Vincent aus Kanada auf seinem SnowBaaR snowscoot SNAKER WC

snowscoot is joy

SnowBaaR road

Halba and his snowscoot drop






1.2.2016 Ole-lavička from SnowBaaR on Vimeo.




5.1.2016 Guys from Colorado in USA saddled our scoots and have started filming a video for the SnowBaaR snowscoot. From pics what Joseph sent to us, It seems that we have to look forward to!



29.9.2015 Snaker RACE Beaster RACE


8.3.2015 Foto by Tomka



 22.2.2015 Czech media star Michal Kavalčík alias...

17.2.2015 Clik on the picture and check on




7.2.2015 Photos by Tomáš Kondelka


2.2.2015 snowscoots SnowBaaR thoroughly tested on




sbr grdn insprc from SnowBaaR on Vimeo.






12.12.2014 All around head to head, but Adam still doing a tricks

Another satisfied customer Robert sent us this lovely picture immediately after unpacking boxes. Thank you Robert!

It has been a rule that we always have to go outside our native village for the first snow and this season wasn’t different. We set off to test the properties of the new PRO models to the Zillertal valley,...

Others colors this year´s PRO models colors look so sexy!

Hot summer days are here and for us in SnowBaaR is high time to introduce our new model line, which carries the PRO. The attribute PRO has always been both models, namely snaker PRO and...

Adam and his wrong jump...

Winter season is almost over and this is right time for testing new PRO models for next season. Because here in czech mountains is still bad situation with snow we must look for some better place for our...

Guys went with his snowscoots to Airbag in Kopřivná. One nice frontflip from our team rider Franta is here... and another ride is here...

Finally, the first jump hilarious in Moravia...

Guys frolicking on snowscoots SnowBaaR.

Saturday morning, the temperature was below zero and nobody stayed calm. One call to Adam and time for trip is agreed. Because is Olešnice only last place where the snow is, we decided go there.

here in valley is it with snow still bad, but guys from our snowscoot team do not leave anything to chance and went to a nearby Olešnice where they shot some pictures. Have a look to small...