PRO series

Hot summer days are here and for us in SnowBaaR is high time to introduce our new model line, which carries the PRO.

The attribute PRO has always been both models, namely snaker PRO and PRO BEASTER and since both are built on new platforms, we look at both detail.

Both models may be based its geometry from last year´s model, which proved to be ideal for such a focus, as model Beaster for Freestyle and model Snaker for Freeride, but the this is all of similarity.

The frame is constructed of high-quality butted steel, which not only is much lighter, in the process the complete model BEASTER PRO including ski gets to an amazing 10.6 kg and 10.9 kg snaker PRO, while delivering great handling and strength in critical areas.

Another equally important thing that greatly contributes to better handling softening the rear of the rear ski that allows riders easier maneuverability and smoother transitions from arc to arc. The overall concept ride is then much quieter and more accurate.

The head tube has undergone several changes in the form of a more massive design, integrated headset, which fit into both ends of industrial bearings 45 x 45 °.

"MWRW" or if micropore waterproof rubber washers connecting the frame with skis, have their hardness of 60 sHa

selected to perfectly absorb any unevenness and yet eliminate unwanted tilting sideways to the maximum possible limit.

The handlebars are fitted with professional grips made ​​by Prolog, which not only feels great in the hand, but the Production of a breathable material that wicks moisture admirable way and allows perfect adhesion on the gloves rider in adverse weather conditions.

Due to the ever increasing demands for quality, but also on the actual design snowscoot, we conceived the new PRO models with greater refinement and they both boast a variety of details that not only pleases our critical eye, but generally emphasize the diversity and uniqueness for the model.

We can only add that both PRO models will be available in six colors, the snaker PRO is available in matt white, matt black and matt red and BEASTER PRO model, we chose a matte green metallic, matte metallic blue and silver.

Price for both PRO models is 699 €.

the video of the two models, let´s see here: