Snowscoot Gangster FR







High quality steel diameter 28mm - Dual construction


1950 mm

Frame/Boards weight:

10,3/3,9 kg


Integrated 41.8x8x45x45° 


Suntour 100 mm


880-930 mm


730 mm / 6,5´´




Lock-on FORCE


150 kg


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Supercarving Shape + Powder snow

Do you want to experience extreme carving with handlebars touching the adjacent slope, or wade through deep powder snow in maximum comfort? Then the Gangster FR is the right choice for you.

This time we'd given ourselves a difficult task to come up with a model that would challenge skiers and their sharply carved turns. It was quite obvious that to reach that goal we'd need a well-balanced machine that would be under control even when doing 80 km/h.


Gangster FR has been given a brand new shape of skis together with a completely new frame geometry. Compared to older models, both skis are 90 mm longer and feature a carving shape with the front and rear skis being in line, which acts as a continuous edge. In order to set the centre of gravity to the most accurate position, the skis are equipped with 5 rows of inserts.

The head tube angle is 66°. Thanks to the double-downtube design with the unique shape of the frame tube, it easily handles extreme forces during sharp turns.




The already proven concept with a suspension fork is another important factor that contributes significantly to the possibility of a fast, yet very smooth and controlled ride.




The Gangster model can be finished in a colour of the customer's choice and it is possible to choose from a whole range of colours that can be found on our website.

Our snowscoots arrive fully assembled.

Video is here: