Snowscoot RACE FR





High quality steel diameter 28mm


1640 mm

Frame weight without boards:

7,3 kg


Integrated 41.8x8x45x45° 


780-850 mm


780 mm (9,5““)




Lock-on FORCE


150 kg


Midnight black, Orange with black fork


Carving shape


This series was designed as completely new concept for maximum load at parks and on downhill courses. Snaker RACE is lighter, more robust and stronger and it forms a perfect whole in combination with its rough-tuned design. Snaker RACE easily swallows deep pow thanks to its low weight. The new lower frame geometry (this model“s frame is even 60 mm lower) lowered the centre of gravity and allowed so for unprecedentedly precise and easy control. Hand shaped robust frame designed for freeride provides the rider with maximum strength and control accuracy.

It is built on the widest platform and it goes with a number of innovations that contribute to uncompromising driving properties of this model series. One of them is the conic form of the rear structure and therefore the frame accurately follows the carving of the rear ski. The rider does not need to spend time finding the right place to push against the frame with his/her feet. Wherever the rider stands on the frame, he always gets most precise response and can react to ground roughness immediately. The new lower frame geometry (by 40 mm for this model) excellently fits rider“s hands and it has greatly influenced the general behaviour and controllability. Reinforced frame together with its central brace provide for maximum possible strength preventing undesirable twisting forming so a single compact unit. Height-adjustable pins (0 - 12 mm) that keep rider“s shoes firmly in place even in deep snow and ice crust maximise shoe“s adhesion. The ride feeling becomes quieter and the rider can fully concentrate on the ride.